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Shaw DCX3510-M (500GB - 2TB HD PVR)
SKU: SKU22267

This is a DCX3510-M for use with Shaw Cable. It can not be used with any other provider. For all other providers please see our regular DCX3510.

  • Available with 500GB, 1TB & 2TB hard drive
  • DVR / PVR expander capable up to an addtional 2TB
  • 1 year warranty, including HDMI, power cable & new remote.
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Market price: CAD$349.00
Motorola DCX3510-M (500GB - 2TB PVR)
SKU: SKU20943

ARRIS continues to expand its industry-leading set-top portfolio with the DCX3510-M an all-digital HD Digital Video Recorder with dual 1 GHz video tuners and support for both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 HD decode. The DCX3510-M includes the latest audio and video output, with support for full 1080p60 high-definition output, HDMI™, award-winning Dolby® Digital Plus, and Dolby Volume intelligent multi-channel audio leveling.

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  • 3rd generation MPEG-4 PVR
  • 1TB hard drive standard, also available in 500GB & 2TB
  • Pricing between $199.99 - $449.99
  • DVR / PVR expander capable up to an additional 2TB
  • Up to 1 year warranty, including HDMI, power cable & new remote.
  • Whole Home DVR, MR-DVR, Multiroom, MOCA capable / toute la maison DVR

Previous Generation model: DCX3501-M (500GB)

Next Generation model: DCX3600-M (1TB)

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Market price: CAD$499.00