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Cogeco DCT6416
SKU: SKU262471

The Motorola DCT6416 Phase III (HDMI) features a number of improvements from the previous generation of PVR's, including:

  • better airflow for increased stability and hard drive life
  • SATA hard drives (up to 1TB internal drive)
  • eSata support (up to 1TB external drive)
  • improved video quality, especially on analog channels

Includes remote & power cable w/ 6M or 1Y warranty.

These units are in the Cogeco (Ont.) system and are able to be added to any account. Units are tested on Cogeco before shipping to ensure they work.

Currently this is the ONLY model we sell that we GUARANTEE is able to be used with Cogeco. Cogeco WILL NOT activate any receiver that is not in their inventory

** This product is not expected to ship until mid-late January **

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Cogeco Pace RNG200N HD-PVR Digital Cable Box (TDC788D)
SKU: SKU262281

Enjoy high definition cable TV and Dolby Digital sound with a Pace RNG200N HD PVR Digital Cable Box. It comes packed with a 500GB hard drive (up to 100 hours HD recording), so you can enjoy your HD programming on your own time with the integrated digital video recorder.

Includes new remote, HDMI cable & power adapter.  1 year warranty.

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