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Motorola PVR Hard Drive Upgrade Kit

Motorola PVR Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
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This is a pre-formatted 3.5" hard drive for Motorola HD DVR / PVR.  1TB gives you roughly 150 hours of HD recording, that's 6x the recording space of a 160GB HDD.  Models types vary, but are guaranteed working.

1Y warranty,
Includes the 4.5mm security bit to remove the three security screws if you do not already have one.

Models supported:

  • AccessEvo (4TB+)
  • Arris Gateway MP522G (4TB+)
  • Arris Gateway XG1, XG1-A, XG1-P (4TB+)
  • Cisco / SA 8300 (1TB / Unknown for 2TB+)
  • Cisco / SA 8642 (2TB / Unknown for 4TB+)
  • Cisco / SA 9865 (2TB / Unknown for 4TB+)
  • Cogeco TIVO (4TB+)
  • Eastlink Maestro (4TB+)
  • PVR Terminal – Motorola DCT3080 (1TB Max)
  • Motorola DCT3412 (1TB Max)
  • Motorola DCT3416 (1TB Max)
  • Motorola DCT6416 (Phase III) (1TB Max)
  • Motorola DCT6412 (Phase III) (1TB Max)
  • Motorola DCX3400 (2TB Max)
  • Motorola DCX3501 (2TB Max)
  • Motorola DCX3510 (2TB Max)
  • Motorola / Arris DCX3600, DCX3635 (4TB+)
  • Pace TDC770D, TDC777D and any other receiver that features eSata (2TB / Unknown for 4TB+)
  • Rogers NetBox 3.0 (2TB / Unknown for 4TB+)
  • Shaw Gateway MG5225G (4TB+)

This product can not be used in any unit that uses 2.5" drives.


Works with any provider that uses Motorola HDMI PVR units.  No need to notify your provider after the upgrade!

Supported Providers:  
Access Communications Co-operative, Cogeco, Eastlink, Source, Axion, Amos, CableVision, Cablintel, Coop CSCF, Dery Telecom, Shannon, Big White, Black Creek, Keta, Seaside, Seaview, Ucluelet, Brooks Bay (BC) & Westman Communications (MB), CRRS TV, Compton, Ezlink, Markdale, Flow (Trinidad and Tobago / Jamica), Lynx Net, Mascon, Masset Haida TV, Mercury Speed, South Kountry Cable, Novus, Shaw, Rogers, Videotron among others.

This will NOT work if your unit has DVI output.

What makes these drives special is that they are ready to use in any Motorola HDMI PVR.  If you were to try to use just a regular sata drive, it would only format it to a max of 160GB.

Replace your existing Motorola DCT, DCH, or DCX PVR DVR internal SATA hard drive with a larger model. No need to notify your provider.

Cool. Quiet. Low Power.

Pipeline HD® hard drives are designed to deliver reliable 24×7 operation– optimized for low-power consumption, quiet operation and smooth video streaming.

  • Reliably delivers up to 20 simultaneous streams of HD content
  • Capacities up to 2TB—enough storage for up to 240 hours of HD video
  • Quiet operation to enhance customer viewing and listening experiences
  • Industry-leading reliability
  • 24×7 operational profile to meet the always-on demands on the DVR market
pipeline hd overview on button icon

Always on. Always reliable.

Media technology demands both reliability and energy efficiency. Pipeline HD® hard drives deliver with the industry’s lowest overall power consumption profile, coolest operating temperatures, and a best-in-industry AFR.

Low-power profiles help DVR manufacturers achieve reduced overall power requirements and support Energy Star compliance.

More Pipeline HD drive features
pipeline hd overview dial and energy icons

Performance and low-power consumption.

Pipeline HD hard drives meet a rising demand for energy-conserving consumer electronics without compromising performance.

And Seagate is committed to environmental stewardship that goes beyond reduced power consumption. In fact, Pipeline HD drives support a comprehensive sustainability value proposition.

More Pipeline HD features
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