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Activation problems:

NOTE: Lack of picture on your TV screen before activation is normal.


Make sure that you've reset the unit.

1. Hold down any button on the remote control, then disconnect and reconnect the power cord. Wait for the box to reboot.

2. Press the "3" key when the "Power" LED light on the front of the box begins flashing. You must press "3" within three seconds. You'll know you have timed it correctly when the LED light flashes at a slower rate.

3. Press the "2" button within three seconds of the LED light flashing at a decreased rate. You know you have timed it correctly when the light flashes at a faster rate.

4. Press the "8" button within three seconds of the LED light flashing at an increased rate. At that point, the box should reset itself.

Tips & Warnings

If you do not press the correct button in time, the reset procedure cancels and the box will resume normal operation.

Once that is done, make sure that you have 'carrier lock'.  See the links to the two pictures below:

DCT700 - No carrier lock & DCT700 - Carrier lock

Carrier lock is option 2 (OOB Status) in the diagnostic screen:

� Turn off the box (press POWER on the remote)
� Immediately press OK/SELECT. Press it again if the display (black text on white background) does not come up within a second.



These models are fairly straightforward to get working.  The most important thing is to make sure you've ATTACHED THE JUMPER CABLE (rf in to rf in)

Once that is done, make sure your coax cable is going into the CABLE IN.  Your setup should look like the picture above.  Then reset the unit:

  • Unplug the power cord from the receiver
  • On the front of the receiver, press & hold the POWER & SELECT buttons while plugging the power cord back into the receiver
  • Release the POWER & SELECT buttons
  • The unit should flash briefly, and be on channel '0' when powered back on
  • Call your cable provider

NOTE: Some providers can be somewhat dumb about these models, and will say they don't support it.  This is most often due to poor training.  A DCT22XX is also known as a DCT2000, and the DCT2524 is also referred to as a DCT2500.


  1. Please see this troubleshooting guide


  1. Unplug the AC power from the DCH.
  2. While holding down POWER & SELECT buttons at the same time, plug the AC power back in.
  3. Continue to hold down POWER & SELECT buttons for 3-5 seconds while unit flashes '8888' three times, then release.  You should see the front panel go into 'hunt' mode.  Do not do anything further to the unit until it shuts off.

DCX700 & DCX3200

  1. Unplug the AC power from the DCX
  2. For any DCX that doesn't have the front panel buttons, you have to power up the unit and immediately press volume - on the remote repeatedly until two LEDs stay lit on the front panel.  Then press 328 repeatedly until the two LEDs flash once.  The unit will reboot and hunt.  It takes some practice to get the timing right.

DCX3300, DCX3400, RNG200N, & DCX35XX

  1. Unplug the AC power from the receiver
  2. For any DCX model that has buttons on the front panel, you can press and hold the MENU button (alternative is to press MENU on your remote repeatedly after it flashes '8888') while powering up the unit until BOOT is displayed on the front panel.  Scroll down using the down arrow key until COLD is displayed then press SELECT.  This will put the box into hunt mode to look for a new carrier.  NOTE: The MENU key is located directly below the TV button on Atlas remotes.

The most common problems in activation:

  • The unit has not been entered correctly into the providers system.  This is much more likely to happen with a larger provider (ie. Cogeco).  To fix this issue: Have your provider remove the unit from their DAC (ie. Take it out of the system). Give it at least an hour after they say they are doing this before calling them back. Before you have them try to activate make sure the unit's SN (DCT) HOST / MCARD SN are NOT present in the system.
    • To confirm this, simply provide the representative any SN on the unit.  We recommend you reset the unit again before adding it back into the system.
  • The receiver is not connected properly
  • Not having your cable provider�s firmware loaded (see step 1)
  • Your cable provider having entered your UA # incorrectly / the UA does not start with 000 (check your UA).  If you have a unit with a Cable Card (ie DCH or DCX unit) you should just be able to insert another MCARD and re-pair it with the unit (you will need the assistance of your cable provider to do this).
  • Your oob tuner is broken or a specific hardware revision may prevent 'carrier lock' leaving your unit unable to properly download its firmware (ie. the unit will cycle through FR1 - FR10).  Check to make sure your cable is going into the correct input, as some units have more than one location the cable can be screwed into.
  • Your unit is not on the proper frequency.  To check / change your frequency:
    • Turn off the box (press POWER on the remote or unit)
    • Immediately press OK/SELECT. Press it again if the display (black text on white background) does not come up within a second.
    • DOWN ARROW to d03 and press OK/SELECT.  Press MENU to change the frequency.  Most cable providers either use 72.25 or 72.75.  Your cable provider should be able to tell you what the correct frequency is for your area.
    • NOTE: You shouldn't need to do this step if you've reset your unit

Additional troubleshooting may be found at the Motorola DVR Wiki & this file.

It is unlikely that a field technician will be able to help you, instead we recommend you speak with someone in Tier 2 support for further troubleshooting.  It is not enough for them to just resend the activation signal, as there are a number of settings that need to be checked to ensure the unit is properly setup in the system.  This is a MAJOR cause of non-responder units.

Remote Problems:

If your Atlas remote isn't controlling your STB, please reset it:

CBL device is locked. To unlock it:

1. Press CBL key
2. Press and hold SETUP unit CBL binks twice
3. Type 982
If it blinks four times, now it's unlocked and you can do the next step to set to it to 01376. If it blinks twice, that means it was unlocked and now is locked, and you need to do the step above again to unlock it again.
Assign device code 1376 to the CBL device key:
1. Press CBL key
2. Press and hold SETUP until CBL blinks twice
3. Type 1376

You can find additional information on programming your remote from the Motorola DVR Wiki