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Refund / Return Policy

This applies to all products, unless otherwise indicated in the specific product listing.

  • We will repair or replace any unit that we deem to have a HARDWARE defect within its warranty period.
  • Items may be returned for store credit within 30 days
  • Please complete our RMA form for any returns.  Please make sure you have followed the activation instructions before filing for an RMA.

Special Warranty Terms

  1. Power on - This means the unit is guaranteed to power on / off, but no other warranty is given. These products are not eligible for refunds.
  2. None - No warranty unless the unit was damaged in transit

Misc Warranty Terms

  1. We are not responsible for cable providers that refuse to provision the receiver, unless the product specifically indicates your provider will activate the unit (Cogeco, Eastlink, Rogers & Shaw will only activate units that already exist in their system).
  2. We are not responsible for SOFTWARE or billing system issues that may prevent activation or lack of features such as EPG, MENU, DVR / PVR functionality (unless the drive is defective), missing or incomplete channel mapping, etc.
  3. If there is a dispute as to whether or not a unit is DEFECTIVE, HDTV DCT SALES will arrange for the unit to be tested at an authorized Arris / Motorola repair facility. Return shipping charges & repair testing fees may apply if the unit is deemed to be NTF (no trouble found).
  4. We are not responsible for changes in technology which may render some features of your unit incompatible with your provider (IE. Motorola DCT units on Eastlink that no longer receiver HD channels due to MPEG-4 upgrade).
  5. Remotes & Units may need to be configured before your cable provider will be able to activate the receiver.  Please see our activation instructions for detail
  6. On occasion, a chosen receiver will sell out or be replaced by a new release after your order is placed. In such cases, HDTV DCT Sales will substitute with a comparable or newer model depending on stock. Examples of this may be a DCX3510 replacing a DCX3400, or a DCX3200 P3 replacing a DCX700.

Contact Us

If you ever have a question or problem with your unit (even if it is out of warranty), please contact us and we'll do our best to help you.  Please allow for up to 24 hours for a response.

Our return address:

TAM Home Theatre Solutions
101-1001 W. Broadway
Unit 199
Vancouver, BC
V6H 4E4

TAM Home Theatre Solutions
1465 Slater RD
Ferndale, WA  98248

If you need to ship your item back, there are a few ways you can save money on shipping:

  1. Canada Post ship-in-a-click.  An easy way to print your postage online.
  2. Provide Canada Post with our customer number (9184702) to save additional money over retail rates.