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Various Used Remotes

Various Used Remotes
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These are a selection of various used remotes for STB.  Most are programmed to operate Motorola units, but some may need to be reprogrammed. A number of them may have never have been used.  The device code for Motorola receivers is 1376.  We do not guarantee you receiving any specific model. Free shipping.

Models supported:

Motorola: DCT1700, DCT1800, DCT2000, DCT2224, DCT2244, DCT2500, DCT2524, DCT700, DCT5100, DCT6200, DCT6208, DCT6412, DCT6416, DCT3412, DCT3416, DCH6200, DCH3200, DCH6416, DCH3416, DCX3200, RNG150N, DCX3300, DCX3400, DCX3501, RNG200N, DCX3510, DCX3600, QIP2500QIP6416, QIP7100, QIP7216, QIP7232, VIP1000, VIP1002, VIP1003, VIP1200, VIP1216, VIP1232, VIP1616, VIP1903, VIP1910, VIP1920, VIP1960, VIP1963, VIP1970, VIP2262
Supported Providers:  
Access Communications Co-operative, Cogeco, Eastlink, Source, Axion, Amos, CableVision, Cablintel, Coop CSCF, Dery Telecom, Shannon, Big White, Black Creek, Keta, Seaside, Seaview, Ucluelet, Brooks Bay (BC) & Westman Communications (MB), CRRS TV, Compton, Ezlink, Markdale, Flow (Trinidad and Tobago / Jamica), Lynx Net, Mascon, Masset Haida TV, Mercury Speed, South Kountry Cable, Novus, Shaw, Rogers, Videotron and many more.
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DCX700 Power adapter
DVI-D & USB(A Type) to M1-D(P&D) 28AWG cable - 6ft
DCX700 Power adapter DVI-D & USB(A Type) to M1-D(P&D) 28AWG cable - 6ft
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