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Payment Methods

  1. Interac e-Transfer is a simple, convenient, and secure way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another.  For Interac E-mail Money Transfer payments, you must add a recipient before you are able to send money.
    • To add a new recipient, enter the recipient's information (see below for example)

    Email: remotes@hdtvsales.ca
    Security Question: City the BUYER lives in
    Answer: The city YOU live in

    Interac.ca also has a great online tutorial if you need more information on how to send a transfer.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A BILL PAYMENT.

  2. Visa / MC
  3. Skrill is a British based payment provider, similar to PayPal.  Direct Processing of Credit Cards and over 100 payment optionsOfficially accepted by eBay.com
  4. hyperWALLET Systems Inc. is a global payment provider and processor for corporate entities that make payments to employees and other beneficiaries. You fund hyperWALLET from your credit union account.
  5. Money Orders through Canada Post / USPS / Financial Institution
  6. Personal or Business cheque. 
  7. Cash on Pickup in Vancouver, BC.
  8. Payments via PayPal.  There is a $5 surcharge for this payment method.