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Motorola DCX3200-M P3 (HD Receiver)

Motorola DCX3200-M P3 (HD Receiver)
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  • Delivers M-Card™ (Multi-stream CableCARD) Host support for conditional access
  • Offers tru2way™ capable platform
  • Compatible with ARRIS DCT/DCH legacy software API set
  • Provides single 1GHz digital video tuner (QAM 64/256)
  • Includes high-definition (HDTV) decode of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), VC-1
  • Up to 1 year warranty, including HDMI, power supply & new remote.
  • Whole Home DVR, MR-DVR, Multiroom, MOCA capable / toute la maison DVR
  • Compatible with providers that use the DCX700 / Compatible avec les fournisseurs qui utilisent le Motorola DCX700
  • DCX feature comparison chart / DCX comparaison des fonctionnalités tableau

The DCX3200-M P3 (2012) is a newer alternative to the DCX700 (2009). An updated chipset provides for enhanced audio & video capabilites / Le DCX3200 - M P3 (2012 ) est une nouvelle alternative à la DCX700 (2009 ) . Un chipset mise à jour permet d'améliorer la capabilites audio et vidéo .

The ARRIS DCX3200 P3 is a sophisticated set-top box with a cost-effective design to meet today’s growing demands for HD content. The all-digital DCX3200 P3 includes the latest audio and video output interfaces, including HDMI™ and Dolby® Digital Plus audio. When configured with MoCA® home networking the DCX3200 P3 provides the flexibility to serve as a multimedia client for accessing content from other compatible devices in the home. An embedded DOCSIS 2.0+ cable modem provides support for DSG and downstream channel bonding.

Next Generation model: n/a

Previous Generation model: DCX3200 P2

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Guaranteed for use with / Garanti pour une utilisation avec: Access Communications Co-operative (Sask), Axion, Cable Amos, CableLynx, CableOne, CableVision (QC), Cablintel, Charter, City West, Comcast (Xfinity), Compton Communications (Ont.), Coop CSCF, CRRS, Dery Telecom, Execulink Telecom, EzLink (Hay, TCC & Quadro Communications), Lynx Net, Markdale, Mascon, Masset Haida TV (Gwaii Communications), MediaCom, Mercury Speed, Northwestel, Novus, Seaview, Shannon, Source, & South Kountry Cable

Compatible with: Access Communications Co-operativeTélévision numérique Québec | Internet haute vitesse | Téléphonie par câbleImage result for cable amos logoImage result for cablevision qc logoComptonImage result for coopscsfImage result for crrstvTélévision numérique Québec | Internet haute vitesse | Téléphonie par câbleImage result for ExeculinkHayLynx NetNovusImage result for northwestelquadro logoSource CableTCC

Also compatible with cable providers in the USA that use the Motorola DCX3400, DCX3501 or DCX3510 such as Armstrong, Atlantic Broadband, CableLynx, Cable One, Charter, Cincinnati Bell, Comcast, Entouch Systems, Horry Telephone, Mediacom, Mega Cable, NCTC, Rivera Utilities, Suddenlink, Time Warner, Verizon, Wave Broadband & Windstream. For cable systems outside of the USA, please contact your provider to ensure they will activate a 3rd party unit as they are not required to provide you with a cable card or provision a unit not from them. Additional costs may be incurred by having to rent a replacement MCARD for the receiver (typical cost - $3 /M). For more information on obtaining an MCARD, please see this info from the FCC. Not compatible with cable systems in areas where Cisco units are deployed. 


  1. Units are locked on channel '0' until activation. Please review our activation instructions before calling your provider.
  2. Product substitution is in effect for this model. 
  3. Return Policy: hardware replacement only - no refunds - return for store credit within 30 days of receiving the item.
  4. Compatibility is not a guarantee of activation or acceptance of the unit by your provider.  It simply reflects the provider in question is capable of using the hardware and that people have been able to activate units with them in the past.
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