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Motorola DCT6416 (160GB HD PVR)

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Condition: Field Pull
Notes: Some units may have minor scratches or wear and tear, but overall condition is usually good.


Country of Manufacture:



DCT6416/2000, DCT6416/2300, DCT6416/2305, DCT6412/2000, DCT6412/2300, DCT6412/2305

Max. Resolution:

1080i (HDTV)


HD Digital


60 days


DCT6412, DCT6416


remote & power cable


One-touch Record, DVR/Hard Drive Recorder, Dual Tuner, Instant Replay, Pause Live TV, Simultaneous Record and Play, Simultaneous 2 Programs Recording, One Touch Recording, Playlist Playback, Chasing Playback, Time Slip, Manual Record, Auto Record, Bookmarks, Rewind Live TV, Record and Watch in HD


612572127179, 612572124024, 612572127056, 612572123935, 612572127049, 612572127186

Hard Drive Capacity:

120GB - 1TB


17.13" w x 13.13" d x 2.75" h

Audio/Video Outputs:

FireWire (IEEE1394) X 2, Coaxial F, Component (YPbPr) RCA, Composite Video RCA, Digital Audio Coaxial RCA, Digital Audio Optical TOSLINK, HDMI, Stereo Audio L/R RCA, S-Video


13 lbs

Data Interfaces:

eSATA Port, Ethernet Port, Smart Card Slot, IR Connector, USB x 3

The Motorola DCT6412 Phase III (HDMI) features a number of improvements from the previous generation of PVR's, including:

  • better airflow for increased stability and hard drive life
  • SATA hard drives (up to 1TB internal drive)
  • eSata support (up to 1TB external drive)
  • improved video quality, especially on analog channels

Includes remote & power cable w/ 60 day warranty.

Previous Generation model: DCT6412 P2

Next Generation model: DCT6416

The DCT6400 Series Phase III set-tops offer advanced capabilities, including a high-end, high performance microprocessor, expanded memory, enhanced graphics and a full range of audio and visual inputs/outputs.

The DCT6400 Series Phase III set-top is fully equipped with an integrated hard drive for hours of DVR functionality, including the ability to:
• Pause and time shift live TV programming
• Record hours of standard digital TV and high-definition TV programming
• Maintain a personal library of recorded programming, accessed through the IPG
• Watch what you want, when you want!
– Watch and record selected programs
– Schedule multiple recordings through the IPG
– Watch two (2) programs and easily switch between them using the remote control
– Record one (1) program while watching another program
– Record two (2) programs at the same time
– Watch a recorded program while recording two (2) other programs

The DCT6412 Series Phase III set-top features:
• Supports Standard Definition Television (SDTV), Enhanced Definition Television (EDTV). and High Definition Television (HDTV),
• Dolby Digital, Prologic and stereo audio
• Digital Video Recording services
• Supports VOD programming
• High performance integrated MPEG-2 digital encoder
• Dual channel 3D comb filters for state-of-the-art color and resolution
• Motion compensating temporal filter (MCTF) video noise reduction
• Motion adaptive de-interlacing for high quality analog channel output
• USB 2.0 ports
• HDMI digital audio / video interface (replaces DVI)
• a SATA connector for additional DVR capacity with an external hard drive
• a built-in DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem for high-speed connections
• a full range of industry standard outputs for video, audio and data

You can also record directly to your PC with the above model using firewire.
Compatible with: Access Communications Co-operativeTélévision numérique Québec | Internet haute vitesse | Téléphonie par câbleImage result for cable amos logoImage result for cablevision qc logoComptonImage result for coopscsfImage result for crrstvTélévision numérique Québec | Internet haute vitesse | Téléphonie par câbleImage result for ExeculinkHayLynx NetNovusImage result for northwestelquadro logoSource CableTCC

Also compatible with most providers in the USA that use Arris or Motorola STB such as CableLynx, Charter, Comcast, MediaCom, Time Warner & Verizon.  Additional costs may be incurred by having to rent a replacement MCARD for the receiver (typical cost - $3 /M).  For more information on obtaining an MCARD, please see this info from the FCC.

This product will not be activated by Cogeco, Eastlink (Coast & Delta), Rogers or Shaw due to limitations they have on the use of outside equipment. We currently only have PVR's for Cogeco & Shaw.


  1. Products may require additional configuration before being able to control the receiver.
  2. Product substitution is in effect for this model. 
  3. Return Policy: hardware replacement only - no refunds - return for store credit within 30 days of receiving the item.
  4. Compatibility is not a guarantee of activation or acceptance of the unit by your provider.  It simply reflects the provider in question is capable of using the hardware and that people have been able to activate units with them in the past.
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