Cogeco will only activate units that exist in their system.

Whether or not is legal for cable providers to deny you the right to use your own equipment we can not say with any certainty.  However it is possible that it would come under Abuse of Monopoly.

NOTE: This policy does not affect the purchase of any accessories.

As of July 21st, 2014 Cogeco has made changes to their internal procedure and therefore will no longer be adding equipment that does not exist in their inventory.

A list of one of Cogeco's authorized retail partners can be found through the following link or for more information please contact:

Joel Pateman

Account Manager

Sales Effectiveness - Retail Sales

T 289 337 7000  #7466

C 905 630 4030

F 905 332 8426

950 Syscon Road, P.O. Box 5076, Stn LCD 1

Burlington, Ontario  L7R 4S6  Canada

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Motorola DCT2000 (SD Receiver)
Motorola PVR Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
Motorola DCT2000 (SD Receiver) Motorola PVR Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
SKU: SKU26201
SKU: SKU260811
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Our price: CAD$59.99 (USD$59.99)
Our price: CAD$99.99 (USD$99.99)
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PVR Expander (500GB - 6TB)
SKU: SKU164522

Compatible with Access, Bell ExpressVu / Satellite TV, Charter, Cogeco (Pace models), Compton, Eastlink, Lynx Net, Novus, Rogers, Shaw (Cable & Direct), Telus Satellite TV and most other providers that allow you to use an eSata drive.

The PVR Expander (external hard drive) allows you to expand the capabilities of your HD Terminal.  By connecting the PVR Expander to your HD Terminal you can record up to 3000 hours of Digital TV or 900 hours of High Definition TV. The PVR Expander turns your HD Terminal into a dual tuner HDPVR, meaning you can record one program while watching another, record two programs at the same time, pause live television and much more. The PVR Expander adds to the amazing functionality you already receive with the HD Terminal including HD programming, access to Pick & Pay specialty channels, HD movies with Video On Demand and live HD events with Pay Per View.

Available configurations:

Model Hard Drive / Recording Accessories Condition Warranty Price Location
PVR Expander 500GB (80 hours HD) eSata, usb & power cable New 1 Year $120
PVR Expander 1TB (150 hours HD) eSata, usb & power cable New 1 Year  $150 Vancouver
PVR Expander 2TB (300 hours HD) eSata, usb & power cable New 1 Year $200 Vancouver
PVR Expander 3TB (450 hours HD) eSata, usb & power cable New 1 Year $250 Vancouver
PVR Expander 4TB (600 hours HD) eSata, usb & power cable New 1 Year $300 Vancouver
PVR Expander 6TB (900 hours HD) eSata, usb & power cable New 1 Year $425 Vancouver

NOTE: Please select the configuration you desire via the 'Model' drop down menu (below SKU & weight). On mobile devices the model selection is at the top of the page under the product picture.

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URC Atlas 1056
SKU: SKU26128

Atlas 1056 URC1056 UNIVERSAL ON-DEMAND DVR / PVR 5-DEVICE REMOTE CONTROL with Control for PICTURE-in-PICTURE (PIP). This Remote can Control up to 5 Devices.  Free Shipping.  Compatible with all Arris, Cisco, Motorola, Pace and Scientific Atlanta cable boxes.

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Various Used Remotes
SKU: SKU16441

These are a selection of various used remotes for Motorola / Pace STB.  Free Shipping.


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Cogeco DCT6416
SKU: SKU262471

The Motorola DCT6416 Phase III (HDMI) features a number of improvements from the previous generation of PVR's, including:

  • better airflow for increased stability and hard drive life
  • SATA hard drives (up to 1TB internal drive)
  • eSata support (up to 1TB external drive)
  • improved video quality, especially on analog channels

Includes remote & power cable w/ 6M or 1Y warranty.

These units are in the Cogeco (Ont.) system and are able to be added to any account. Units are tested on Cogeco before shipping to ensure they work.

Currently this is the ONLY model we sell that we GUARANTEE is able to be used with Cogeco. Cogeco WILL NOT activate any receiver that is not in their inventory

** This product is not expected to ship until mid-late January **

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Motorola PVR Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
SKU: SKU260811

This kit allows you to easily replace your existing 3.5" hard drive with a 1TB or 2TB (DCX3400 and newer only) model.  Works with most Arris,  Motorola or Pace HDMI PVR except for Pace RNG200N, Arris XG1V3 (Shaw Gateway), HDPVR630 or any other units which use 2.5" drives. 1TB gives you roughly 150 hours of HD recording, that's 6x the recording space of a 160GB HDD.

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Market price: CAD$150.00
Cogeco Pace RNG200N HD-PVR Digital Cable Box (TDC788D)
SKU: SKU262281

Enjoy high definition cable TV and Dolby Digital sound with a Pace RNG200N HD PVR Digital Cable Box. It comes packed with a 500GB hard drive (up to 100 hours HD recording), so you can enjoy your HD programming on your own time with the integrated digital video recorder.

Includes new remote, HDMI cable & power adapter.  1 year warranty.

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